Giftwhale 4

The Giftwhale development team have been hard at work translating feedback and ideas into new features and we are exicted to annouce our next big update – Giftwhale 4.0

Originally published on 25th Oct 2022 | Updated 21st Apr 2023

What's new?

Child accounts

There is now the ability to create standalone child accounts linked to your own account which streamlines the whole process of creating lists on behalf of others, such as a child, grandparent or an organisation.

There is a new tool that allows you to convert any previous wish list into a child wish list if you want to tidy them up after creating child accounts

Check out our linked article giving more details and examples of how to setup and use the new child accounts

Create a child account now

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We're super excited to announce that Giftwhale is now a PWA. PWAs are relatively new technology and so aren't fully supported on all devices yet (We're looking at you Apple!), but support is getting better every day.

What can the app do:

  • You can now through your mobile browser (and some desktop browsers) install Giftwhale to your home screen

  • Giftwhale will then function just like a native app on your device

  • Quickly access Giftwhale from your phone whenever you need it without the need to go through your web browser

  • Easily share to Giftwhale through the native share menu on your phone (currently only supported on Android, but iOS will support this next year)

  • Long hold on the app to use shortcuts to jump to the most popular areas of the app, quickly

  • The app will update automatically when does

This is the first version of our progressive web app, so please provide any feedback or ideas you have.

Wish Lists and Dashboard

  • Recently viewed items are now shown on your dashboard page

  • A link to our new Chrome Extension has been added to the dashboard

  • There is a new info box on a wishlist page displaying additional useful information to the wish list page (currently only on the desktop version)


  • Application load times are greatly reduced on most pages

  • Search is faster and now universal for friends, wish lists, or anything else

  • Wish lists now benefit from improved load speed, especially when you have large numbers

Emails and Thank-Yous

  • The username is now hidden correctly on a thank you page

  • Notification fixes for automated emails


  • Added public status page at

  • Fixed a bug which would not return all your wish lists in certain scenarios

  • Loads of other bugs squashed around the site

The future

We are still hard at work listening to feedback and coming up with ways to make Giftwhale even better for you. We are sure that there are still features you would like to see added so do get in touch with any requests and we will do our best to accommodate them as soon as it is possible.

As always please let us know if there's anything we can do to help, if you have any questions, or want to just have a chat :)

The Giftwhale Team
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