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Discover why Giftwhale is the preferred alternative to Amazon Wish List, offering flexibility to fit everyone and all the features needed for effortless wishlist curation.

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Amazon Wishlist vs Giftwhale

Amazon Wishlist is a very popular wish listing service. Many people don't realise there are alternatives with more features and less restrictions. See our chart for how Amazon Wish list compares to Giftwhale.

Amazon Wish list

Amazon wish list features basic wish list creation and management.

  • Free to use
  • Unlimited wish lists
  • Can only add items from Amazon
  • No dates for lists
  • Can't send thank you's
  • No external item lookup
  • No reservation controls
  • No Collaboration options
  • Unable to create child accounts


Giftwhale features all core wish list features which many more aimed at various use-cases.

  • Free to use
  • Unlimited wish lists
  • Add items from any website
  • Add dates for lists
  • Send thank-you messages to gifters
  • Fast URL item lookup
  • Reservation controls
  • Collaboration
  • Child accounts
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Giftwhale vs. Amazon Wish List

Giftwhale offers a comprehensive and versatile platform for wish list creation and management, surpassing Amazon Wish List in several key areas:

Giftwhale allows users to add items from any website, providing greater freedom and variety in wish list creation.
Enhanced Features
Giftwhale offers additional features such as adding dates to lists, sending thank-you messages to gifters, fast URL item lookup, reservation controls, collaboration options, and child accounts.
User-Friendly Interface
Giftwhale's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to create, manage, and share their wish lists with others.
Both platforms are free to use, but Giftwhale's extensive feature set makes it a more compelling option for users seeking a robust wish list solution without any additional cost.

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