About Giftwhale

What is Giftwhale, and where did it come from?

What is Giftwhale?

Giftwhale is an online wish list application. Our aim is to make the gifting experience easier, more fun and reduce the typical problems with traditional wish lists, without sacrificing privacy.

Our motto is Create wonderful wish lists, Receive better gifts, and we truly believe it. Not only do we make the wish lists easy to create, but they look fantastic too. Go ahead and see for yourself by creating your own.

Who is behind Giftwhale?

Giftwhale is the brainchild of Tom and Matt, two brothers from the UK.

Tom, one of the creators of Giftwhale Tom, one of the creators of Giftwhale


Marketing, content and idea generation are Tom's specialities. Want to know more? Tom did a Q&A on our blog.

Matt, one of the creators of Giftwhale Matt, one of the creators of Giftwhale


Matt focuses on Giftwhale's development, and user experience. Find our more in Matt's Q&A interview.

Why was Giftwhale created?

Tom recently had children and it was hard to keep abreast of what different presents the wider family were considering for the children. Multiple different ideas were requested by different family members and it required unnecessary effort to keep updated with who had bought what. The basic thought was that there must be an easier way to do this than multiple emails and phone calls?

You can read more about our process behind creating Giftwhale in our blog article Two brothers, one idea.

How does Giftwhale work?

Have you every ended up with 3 copies of that latest DVD? Or got multiple ties? Giftwhale allow everyone to instantly access an up-to-date list of presents you have asked for and what is still available to buy. More importantly, people see when someone else has already bought an item and what it is.

Create a birthday wish list, celebrate Christmas with a christmas wish list or create a list for a christening or wedding.

You add all the items you wish to and then simply share your list allowing your friends and family to see exactly what you want and choosing what to get you.

If you are using this on behalf of younger family members, it means no more frantic phone calls between family members to chase up who has got what gifts, because all that information is stored live on Giftwhale.

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