Two brothers, one idea

Where did Giftwhale come from? Read on to find out.

Published on 1st Nov 2018

Like many good ideas, the idea for Giftwhale came about from a couple of innocent discussions.

I (Tom), the elder of the two brothers, had recently had children and it was hard to keep abreast of what different presents the wider family were considering for the children. Multiple different ideas were requested by different family members and it required unnecessary effort to keep updated with who had bought what. The basic thought was that there must be an easier way to do this than multiple emails and phone calls?

And so the idea of Giftwhale (or Listwhale as it was first known!) was born out of those early discussions with my brother Matt.

Matt is the computer genius who, along with fulfilling many roles, managed to make the scribbled pages of ideas into a slick, functioning website.

Together we have created Giftwhale, which continues to grow and develop. One of the strengths of having just the two of us is that we can respond quickly to user feedback whilst retaining a personal approach. There have been countless iterations and developments along the way (not to mention a few disagreements!) but we are both very pleased with what we have achieved.

Check out our posts where you can meet each of us in more detail and find out things you probably don't need to know!

First up is Matt, followed by Tom.

The Giftwhale Team

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