Use Giftwhale everywhere, on any device. Browser plugin, Progressive Web App, Bookmarklet...

Use Giftwhale everywhere

You can always use Giftwhale by just visiting from any device, anywhere.

As well as using Giftwhale directly you have a few more options. Please read below for more information.


Giftwhale Chrome extension Giftwhale Chrome extension

Chrome extension

Install our Chrome extension into your browser to add items while you're browsing the web
View Chrome extension.

Creating a wish list with Giftwhale Creating a wish list with Giftwhale

Giftwhale App (PWA)

We're super excited to announce that Giftwhale is now a PWA.

Now, you can save Giftwhale as an app directly from your mobile browser* (and some desktop browsers). Once installed to your home screen, Giftwhale will function just like a native app on your device. 🙌

*PWAs are relatively new technology and so aren't fully supported on all devices yet (We're looking at you Apple!)


None of the above options for you? Try our Bookmarklet: Quickly and easily add items to your wish lists with the Giftwhale bookmarklet

Read more about the Giftwhale bookmarklet