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Create personalised charity fundraising campaigns tailored to your own mission and goals. Whether you're requesting donations for a specific project, event, or ongoing initiative, Giftwhale provides the flexibility and customisation options you need to succeed.

Customisable campaigns
Easily manage multiple wish lists, streamlining gift-giving across teams or individuals.
Donation Tracking
Track donations in real-time, replacing manual record-keeping with transparent and efficient management.
Engagement Tools
Build lasting relationships with donors through personalised messages and social media. Giftwhale helps you keep them informed about the impact of their contributions.
Donor Recognition
Recognise and celebrate your donors' generosity with Giftwhale's donor recognition features. Report on fundraising milestones and monthly donations, and express gratitude for their support across your various channels.
Bulk item creation
We can facilitate importing thousands of wish lists, or gifts into your account.
Reporting and Analytics
Gain insights into donation trends, campaign performance, and donor behavior for informed decision-making.

Coming Soon...

Yep, we've thought of that too

We already provide everything you need to launch a successful campaign, but we're not stopping there. We have exciting plans for the near future for enhancing the donor relationship, and bringing your organisation even closer to the people who support you.

Customisable 'Thank-you' Coming soon
Enhance your thank-you messages with personalised offers or receipts to improve efficiency and add more personality to your responses.
Two-way communication Coming soon
Engage donors with integrated two-way messaging for seamless communication.
"Your feature here" Coming soon
Have a say in what features we build next. Reach out and let's work together to make Giftwhale even better.

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Create personalised fundraising wish lists, engage donors effectively, and make a meaningful impact for your cause.

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Giftwhale has really helped the Zoo work with the wish lists more collaboratively through departments and made the process easier as well. It’s lightened the workload and made it so it’s easier for the keepers and other employees to update their own items as needed.

Phoenix zoo use Giftwhale app
Phoenix Zoo, Arizona
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Frequently asked questions

Creating or giving through a charity wish list provides a clear and transparent way for donors to support causes they care about. Giftwhale's platform streamlines donation management for charities, enabling effective donor engagement, recognition, and impact reporting. This innovative approach ensures that donors can see the tangible results of their contributions, fostering lasting relationships and maximising the positive change brought about by their support.

Donors prefer and trust Giftwhale for several reasons. Firstly, Giftwhale has a proven track record, having served the community for over 10 years, demonstrating its reliability and commitment to its users. Secondly, Giftwhale's sleek user interface simplifies the donation process, making it easy for people to navigate and use the platform, enhancing their overall experience. Lastly, donors appreciate that Giftwhale respects their space by not inundating them with advertising, allowing them to focus on supporting causes they care about without distractions.