Meet Tom

Find out all about the other half of the Giftwhale team

Published on 5th Nov 2018

If you saw our last blog post you would have met one half of the Giftwhale team - Matt. This time it's the turn of his big brother Tom.

The format is the same, but what about the answers? Do they really seem like they are related?! Read on to find out...

What is the one word you would use to describe yourself as a child? Studious

How do you relax? Depends who is around me. If I'm on my own, a good run. If the children are around, a walk in the woods or a game of Uno. If the children are in bed, a full-bodied red wine.

What trait do you most admire in others? Honesty

What was your favourite subject at school? Geography

Biggest achievement: Aside from finding someone who'd marry me, it was completing my PhD whilst in full-time employment - when I started it I had no children and when it was submitted I had three! I don't know quite where I found the time for it.

Favourite film: Top Gun

Favourite food: Rare roast beef, horseradish and Yorkshire pudding

When are you happiest? On holiday

Best holiday: As a child, just the countless holidays on the Cornish coast were great fun. As an adult, it has to be going to Lapland with my wife and three children.

What was your best toy as a child? My Lego - I absolutely loved it and can't wait for my children to set up my old Lego town! Even if they are not keen I think I'll still set it up!

What is the most important thing you have learnt in the last year? It takes considerable effort to get your brand/idea heard!

Describe a perfect day: The children coming into our room after 7:30am, a run before breakfast. A hot day on the beach, digging big holes, a BBQ before climbing into fresh clean bed-sheets!

If you could sum up Matt in one word: Cheeky

The Giftwhale Team

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