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Following the recent update on the new features of Giftwhale 4.0 this article provides more detail around the new child accounts and how they work.

Published on 25th Oct 2022

Giftwhale 4.0 brought many improvements to Giftwhale but one of the main updates was the ability to create separate child accounts within your main account. Previously when you were creating a wish list, Giftwhale asked if the list was for you or someone else, and if you selected someone else you could enter text to describe who the list was for. However, the wish list was still only linked to your own account and if you were creating lists for multiple children for each of their celebration events it was not always easy to manage and sort them.

With this new feature, when you create a new wish list and select that the list is not for you, it will now show you all the child accounts you have linked within your own account (see image 1 below). You simply select the child account you want to create the list for and continue as normal.

 Image 1: Creating a new wish list using the new child accounts

If you try and create a wish list for someone else without having any child accounts in your own account it will simply prompt you to create a child account first.

What are the advantages of the new child accounts?

In a nutshell, the new child accounts streamline the process and make it simpler and more powerful.

Multiple users can manage a child account and once you have created or been linked to a child account you can create or manage wish lists for that child account as much as you need to. Unlike previously, there is no need to be added to individual wish lists every time as long as the wish list is for a child account that you help manage.

Another advantage is that you can quickly add items to your inbox (not attached to a wish list) and separate them for child accounts. This keeps your items much more organised and crucially, it makes it much easier to recall ideas for specific separate accounts when you are creating new wish lists, helped immensely by the filtering that has also been updated at the top of the inbox page (see images 2 & 3 below).


Image 2: Adding an inbox idea for a child account


Image 3: Filtering inbox ideas with new child accounts

Child accounts can have their own profile page (only viewable to friends) which lists their multiple wish lists, and information on their gifts. This gives a much more organised way of getting to wish lists you have created that are not your own.

It is also now possible to see in your history gifts you got for certain child accounts, thereby making it much simpler to view gifts you have reserved on wish lists you created but that weren't your own.

How do I create a child account?

We have made this as simple as possible. Open the drop-down menu for your account and you will see a new menu item for 'Child accounts' (see image 4 below).


Image 4: Child accounts link within your account menu

Select this menu item and you will then be taken to the page to create a new child account. Simply enter the information required and click 'Create child account' (see image 5 below). Your new child account will then be created and you can now choose this new child account when creating a wish list (as in image 1 at the top of the article).


Image 5: Creating a new child account

What about my old lists I created for someone else?

If you want to tidy up any previous or current wish lists you can convert any past or present wish list to be for one of your child accounts. Use the tool on your main dashboard to do this (see image 6 below).


Image 6: Button to access tool to convert old child wish lists

Are child accounts only for your own children?

Certainly not. Think of a child account as a separate account within your main account. An obvious use for them is for children but they can be for many other uses – grandchildren, grandparents, friends you want to surprise, organisations, charities – anywhere where it is useful to have some separation from your main account.

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