Creating your first wish list

A 2 minute guide on creating your first wish list event publishing it for your friends to see.

Published on 25th Oct 2022

Getting the gift ideas your have in your head across to your friends or family can be a bit of a hassle sometime. Giftwhale hopes to solve this!

So you've signed up and you're now ready to create your first event. Events are what we call wish lists. You can create events for anything, but the most popular options are birthdays and holiday events such as Christmas.

Head over to the event creation page and you'll be ready to start. Is this event for you? You can create an event for yourself, or for someone else of your behalf who doesn't have an account. Great uses for this could be creating a Christmas wishlist for your grandmother, or a birthday wishlist for your 3 year old.

Landing Creating An Event A

After you've given your event a title, and an optional description, all that is left to do is to give your event a date.

Need more help? Follow our event creation video guide to watch how to do it.

Now your event is created you can add some items. View our guide on adding items here.

If you've found some friends already, and you're ready to show them the wishlist, hit 'Share' and they'll all get notified about your new event. If you've not added any friends yet, head over to your friends page, and find some friends to add or invite to Giftwhale.

You can create more items after you've published the event and change any details you need to.

The Giftwhale Team
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Ready to create your first wish list?

Birthdays, Weddings, Baby showers, Christmas, or just a list of things you'd love?

Create your first wish list

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