Tutorial: Creating an event

In this article we guide you through the steps of creating an event

Published on 9th Oct 2017

One of the benefits of GiftWhale is that it allows you to create a wish list for any event imaginable, birthdays to Christmas, bar mitzvahs to weddings, baby showers to moon landings and everything in between! And the geniuses behind GiftWhale have worked hard to make creating an event a simple, straightforward process. You can even create an event for someone else, perfect for a parent creating a birthday list for their child.

When you create an event you set up some basic details and add your gift items to the event. You can share this event with family and friends and they are then able to reserve items from the list to buy at a different time, or even click through an item link to complete their purchase right there and then.

As the list creator you can add more items if you think of additional things later and if you are lucky enough to have very generous friends GiftWhale will let you know when your list only has a few available items remaining.

Whilst your friends can all see what has already been reserved and what is available, GiftWhale makes sure to hide that information from you, keeping the suspense until the big day itself!

If you haven't tried creating an event yet or you want a quick refresher check out our video.

The Giftwhale Team
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