Mother's Day Ideas

Top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas to show her you love her

Published on 9th Mar 2023

Mothers Day

Whilst Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries the aim is universal - to spoil your mum a bit more than normal and show her that you love her.

As everyone is feeling the pinch a bit more these days we've put together these quick tips to help with some ideas no matter what your age.

Top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas to show her you love her:

  1. Cook a meal

  2. Take her out for the day

  3. Flowers

  4. Homemade cards or artwork

  5. Indulge in her favourite film

  6. Let her have some time alone

  7. Reminisce together

  8. Do jobs for her

  9. Afternoon tea

  10. Tell her you love her

Whether you are cooking up her favourite meal or just bringing her toast in bed, take control in the kitchen for one day.

You could take your mum out for the day, whether it is to her favourite local walk, exploring a museum or shops nearby.

Most people love receiving flowers and mums are no different – treat her to a bunch of her favourite blooms or alternatively choose something currently in season. If you're not local this can be an easy gift to arrange to be delivered directly to her.

Perhaps one for the younger members of the family – create some personalised art just for your mum. For very young children you could try simply making a card with their hand prints on it.

Create a mini-movie cinema at home with her favourite drinks or snacks and sit down together and watch a film. If you're lucky enough to see a big-screen showing of her favourite film you could always get tickets for that.

If your mum's life is normally busy then you might need to become bossy for a little bit and send her off for some time by herself to relax. This could be looking after the house/children/pets whilst she goes out and has some time to herself. When she gets back you could surprise her with the first item on the list!

Take some time out of the day to sit down together and reminisce over happy memories you have experienced together over the years. You could even get out some old photo albums.

Whether it is ironing or tidying the house, let your mum put her feet up with a cup of tea whilst you whizz around her and tick off some of her jobs. If you're feeling brave you could even let her direct you as to what jobs she wants you to do!

Celebrate your mum with a delicious afternoon tea whether it is in a posh hotel or homemade.

Lastly, when was the last time you actually told your mum you loved her? For some of us, I expect it is too long ago – Mother's Day is the perfect day to change that!

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