Hint Hint: How to Hint at a Gift You Really Want

Do you have something you've had your eye on for awhile? How do you hint at a gift? Read this guide to find out.

Published on 19th Jun 2019

Thinking about the next Christmas holiday already? Or perhaps your birthday is coming up, and you're so hoping that someone will finally buy you that handbag you've been stalking online for the past few months. 

The truth is, that no matter the holiday or the occasion, you always have an answer to the question, "What should I get you?"

The problem -- no one seems to be asking. 

You need to find subtle ways to hint at a gift you want without coming across as entitled or greedy.

Don't worry. 

This post is here to help you learn how to make sure you get that handbag without alienating half of your friend group in the process. 

1. Leave "Accidental" Hints

Giving the right gift is an art form -- and we all know a few people that just don't seem to get it right. 

Instead of getting something that, while nice in thought, you know you'll never use, you can subtly hint at a gift instead. 

Start by "accidentally" leaving magazine pages that show gifts you love open for people to see. The same goes for your Internet browser tabs. You can also like, comment on, and share pictures of things you like on social media.

2. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

Perhaps you can convince someone to get you a gift card to your favorite store or buy you an item you've been fawning over while you're in the right location to do so.

If you're heading out shopping with friends or family members, subtly direct them to a shop you love, and "visit" the item you want in particular.

You could say something like, "I'd just love to have this," or "Everything is store has is so wonderful, or "That would look so wonderful in my living room, I'll have to keep it in mind." 

If someone else gets a gift from your favorite shop and you're there, you can also jump at the chance to talk about how much you adore the store and everything in it. 

3. Create an Online Wishlist 

The truth is that people do worry about getting gift giving right. 

Sometimes, one of the kindest things you can do for the people who want to shower you in presents is to make it easier for them. You're getting the gift you want, and saving them lots of time and stress in the process. 

Register for an account on a gift list website and start making a list of all the things you could really use -- or just want. 

Then, if you have a special occasion or holiday out, you can email it out to friends and family. You can also use your list as a registry for something like a baby shower, and print the address on invitations. 

Hint at a Gift Using These Tips

We hope that this post has helped you to realize that it's possible to subtly hint at a gift you've had your eye on for a while. 

Sign up with us and start creating your dream wish list. 

We promise, you'll actually get what you want this year. 

The Giftwhale Team

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