Christmas gifts for new parents

Nobody ever said that parenting was easy, but that doesn't mean gifting has to be hard!

Published on 25th Oct 2022

Christmas Gift Giving

Nobody ever said that parenting was easy. It’s especially difficult for new parents trying to figure things out as they go. During the holidays, it’s the perfect time to treat the new parents in your life to a gift. Something you’ll find when you have a baby is that all the gifts you receive are for your baby. This is great, of course, but many times the new parents would appreciate a little something for themselves. With all the focus on the new baby, it is easy to forget that the new parents might be struggling and need a pick-me-up. For Christmas, this year (which is approaching incredibly quickly!) it might be a nice idea to ensure that you get something for the new parents in your life, as well as their new bundle of joy. The thought will definitely be appreciated, believe me.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated

It’s the thought that counts. Whether you have a huge budget, something smaller, or no budget at all, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. The point is that you’ve thought of your friends/family, and at a time when they’re likely feeling more than a little stressed. This blog post will include ideas for all budgets to give you some inspiration for Christmas gifts for new parents.

Sentimental gifts are always a nice thought for new parents

Their new baby is going to be the love of their life and the most precious gift they’ll ever receive, so why not give them something to commemorate that? You can purchase some lovely jewellery with the baby’s name engraved or their date of birth. Alternatively, there are some gorgeous framed pieces of artwork out there that can be personalised for new parents, including drawings/paintings of baby photographs or scans. On the same theme, photograph frames, photo albums and memory books make great Christmas gifts for new parents.

Something to help them relax

The chance to relax is something in short supply for new parents and so gifting some relaxation aids will likely be very much appreciated. Some lavender pillow spray to help them fall asleep quickly might go a long way to helping them feel brighter during their middle-of-the-night feeds. Bubble bath, hand and body cream, and room and linen spray are the ideal (budget-friendly) additions to any new parents’ Christmas list. If you want to push the boat out, a spa day for the new parents could be the ideal gift. You could even volunteer your babysitting services if you’re feeling extra altruistic. That alone time, accompanied by spa treatments, will definitely get you on Father Christmas’s nice list.

A subscription service – food, drink, flowers, or whatever else you can find! New parents are always rushed off their feet and purchasing a food subscription service as a gift can take the pressure off. There are plenty of delivery services out there to choose from so you can make sure the service fits their needs. What’s better than giving the gift of time? Possibly the gift of alcohol? Monthly wine or beer subscriptions are also an option, allowing the new parents to chill once their baby has (hopefully) fallen asleep at a reasonable time, with a glass or bottle of their preferred drink and an episode of their favourite TV show or two. A personal favourite of mine is a flower and plant subscription service. Something as simple as a bouquet of flowers or a new plant, delivered each month, gives the new parents something to look forward to, and something to brighten up their home at the same time. Subscription services are the gifts that keep on giving!

Something for the home

Household tools can come in really handy for new parents! Something that comes highly recommended by new parents, and would therefore make an ideal Christmas gift, is a slow cooker. Slow cookers are life-saver kitchen implements. You simply shove the ingredients in there on a morning and press ‘go’! By the time you open it back up in the evening, you have your dinner ready to go. There are tonnes of recipes out there for people with all dietary requirements so you can’t really go wrong with this gift. Another option, and something I’ll be adding to my Christmas list this year too, is a robot vacuum cleaner. Hoovering the house is my least favourite chore, and having a robot vacuum would make life so much easier, especially if you’re a new parent. A coffee machine is also a great household tool you can purchase as a Christmas gift this year. The new parents will probably be living off caffeine for the foreseeable future, and by treating them to a new coffee machine, you can at least ensure the coffee they’re drinking is good!

Some gifts cost nothing at all

Everybody loves getting gifts, especially at Christmas, and new parents are no different. They can often get forgotten when they’ve got a brand new baby, so buying the parents a gift too can really perk them up. However, it’s the little things that people appreciate the most. Maybe you could offer to help them out – cook and freeze some meals for them, clean their house, look after their baby for a couple of hours (even if the parents aren’t going anywhere), just let them know you’re there for them. That means the most. Everything else is a bonus. This is what Christmas is all about, being there for loved ones and showing that they are loved and appreciated.

If you’re a new parent, this might have given you some ideas on some treats to buy yourself and your partner for Christmas (or anytime!). If you’re a new parent and you’d like some specific gifts for Christmas, then you could start your own Giftwhale wishlist to give your friends and family some ideas on what you’d like, taking the guesswork out of their Christmas shopping.

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