Don't Wonder When You Can Wish List: Birthday Shopping Made Easy

Creating a management system for your birthday list to make your gift wishes come true is simple. Making a wish list ensures it's your best birthday yet.

Published on 25th Oct 2022

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Today, kid's birthday parties are big business, with plenty of parents looking to put smiles on their children's faces every year.

However, we're all kids at heart, so don't wait for someone to come along and nail every detail that will make your birthday one to remember. You should create a birthday wish list that lays out exactly what you want.

Use these strategies so that you can begin working on this list.

1. Figure Out the Meaning of This Year's Birthday and What is Most Important to You

Before creating the perfect birthday wish list, you should first take inventory of your life and what is most important for this year's celebration.

If you are trying to put together the perfect birthday list, make sure that you prioritise what the birthday means and what you hope to get from it. For example, this could be a year of learning, which means you might want nothing but books, audiobooks or courses.

If you have been working yourself to the bone, maybe all you want is some time off and a nice vacation.

When you know exactly what you are hoping to get from your birthday this year, creating the list will naturally happen.

As such, don't hesitate to dream big when it comes to your birthday gift items. This is one time of year that it is perfectly okay to be selfish, so don't stifle your dreams before watching them turn into realities. The more you consider your birthday wishes, the easier it will be to put together a list that actually means something to you.

2. Create a Detailed Birthday Wish List That Features Price Comparisons and Rankings in Terms of Priority

When it is time to put together your birthday list, go into it knowing that you aren't likely to get every single item on the list.

Some things might be harder than others to find, and others might be more expensive, which means you will have to prioritise which items on the list are most important to you.

Keep your top dream item at the top of the list, but also include things that you would be happy to get otherwise. Give yourself the time to make this list as detailed as possible, floating price compare among different websites or retailers.

Close to 200 million people log on to Amazon each month, so make sure to check their listings when putting items on your birthday list.

The more shopping options you include on the list, the easier it will be to make sure that each item can be purchased.

3. Use an Online App or Platform That Makes Your List Shareable With Those That Matter the Most

Creating a list in a document is good, but there are so many advantages to using an online wish list platform.

When choosing a service that is completely dedicated to these types of lists, such as Giftwhale, you'll be able to play around with more features and get the best results.

For instance, Giftwhale allows you to reserve items with a click of a mouse, this is great for making it easy as pie for your friends and family to reserve items for your birthday. Not to mention Giftwhale has an attractive interface that is also very easy to use.

This takes all of the frustration out of the shopping experience and helps to notify others on the list when an item has been purchased.

When you work with Giftwhale, your list is shareable to your friends and family members, it makes the entire experience a breeze. They'll be able to see which items are reserved and can shop for you at their leisure.

Having all of this information up front during the birthday shopping process makes all of the difference in the world.

4. Be Sure That You Allow Plenty of Time For the Birthday Wish List to Come True

The last thing you will want to do is rush your list. Waiting until the last minute decreases the chances that you'll get the items because you didn't give your shoppers enough time.

Because of this, you should create your birthday shopping list several months in advance. The more time you allow, the easier it will be for people to plan and save.

You will also want to give yourself time to make the list because there is always the possibility that you will change your mind. When you have the list months in advance, changing your mind about an item is no harm, no foul.

However, waiting until the last minute to change your mind creates confusion, or worse, can create a situation in which someone buys something that you no longer want.

Avoid all confusion by planning far in advance.

5. Think About How You Want to Celebrate as a Whole

Birthday presents aside, look at the big picture with your birthday this year.

You should also put some thought into how you plan to celebrate as a whole, which means planning time off from work, booking a venue, and figuring out who you would like to celebrate with.

Knowing this sort of information is the icing on the cake and will make it a birthday to remember.

Create the Perfect Wish List For This Year's Birthday

Your birthday will be a smash hit if you take the time to figure out what gifts you'd like. We can help.

Take the time to create your birthday list today with Giftwhale, so you can put together an incredible birthday wish list.

The Giftwhale Team
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