Be more thankful with Giftwhale wish lists

You can now send beautiful personalised thank you letters through Giftwhale, all completely free.

Published on 25th Oct 2022

We always felt there was something missing from the gifting process. Giftwhale makes it easy to create wish lists, share wish lists, and reserve items on wish lists, but then the process abruptly ends. We wanted to change this...

Thank You Letters Giftwhale

From today, when you receive a gift, you can now send a thank you letter, directly to the person who got the item for you. This feature works for all wish lists, including wish lists you've created on behalf of children and others.

Want to add a personal touch to your thank you message? You can easily add an image to your letter, to really put a smile on someone's face.

How do thank you letters work?

  1. When you receive a gift, go to your wish list, find the item, and press the 'mark as received' button.

  2. That item will now will show you who you received it from (depending on privacy settings) and you'll be able to press the 'say thank you' button to start writing your letter.

  3. You can select from 3 different designs (more coming soon).

  4. Add you name, message and optional image.

  5. Preview your thank you message and when you're happy with it...

  6. Press send.

  7. Your gifter will get an email telling them they have a new thank you message and they'll have a link to view the message at any time.

This year there's a good chance in-person thank you's may be a little more difficult than usual. For this reason we think this feature is more important than ever.

We hope you enjoy sending your thank you's, especially this holiday season.

If you have any feedback, or suggestions for this feature please reach out as always, and let us know via the contact form.

Let's all be more thankful.

Stay safe

The Giftwhale Team
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