A place to store all your ideas

Ideas on Giftwhale allow you to store gift ideas for yourself and your friends for future events.

Published on 10th Sep 2017

What is the ideas section all about?

The ideas section is a place to store all the ideas you have for friends and family you've added on Giftwhale. Ideas can pop into your head throughout the year, and not just close to an event. We know this and now if you see that t-shirt, album release, pair of shoes, or anything else you think you or someone else might like, you can add it straight to your ideas section regardless if you or your friend have a currently open event.

But what if I want to help others but suggesting my ideas for friends and family?

Great question! Well we've thought about this and tried to make the experience as easy as ever. If an event is created by a friend and you've got ideas in your ideas section when you visit their event, Giftwhale will remind you of these, showing you what you've got saved for them. You can easily select to buy these for your friend, or you can suggest these items to others to give them more choice, and more options. None of these suggestions will be visible to the creator of the event.

We're really happy with the ideas section and have received some great feedback, however that doesn't mean we're finished! Anything you want to let us know, any improvements you see or think of, you can get in contact with us via Twitter or via Facebook.

The Giftwhale Team

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