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Wish List donations will enrich the lives of the animals and enhance the guest experience. You can donate items directly from this Wish List or you can contact the Donor Relations department at 602.286.3855 to make a monetary donation towards the purchase of an item. The Zoo's tax ID # is 86-0174843.

Created by Phoenix Zoo, Horticulture & Hort Team

An image showing DumperDogg Pickup Bed Inserts
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This item will be utilized by numerous departments, not just Horticulture. It is easy to drive off grounds to pickup browse and compost donations. This vehicle would save a significant amount of labor because it eliminates the need to unload trucks by hand.
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An image showing Gift Cards to Any Local Nursery
Gift Cards to Any Local Nursery
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Any amount. Used to purchase browse plants to grow out and feed to the animals.

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