Software updates

What's changed, improved and updated

Version: 3.4

Item photos, and automatic fetch

New features:

Item images 

We're very pleased to announce that one of the most requested features on Giftwhale is finally here. We've added the ability to add images to items on your wish lists. This is great as it gives the opportunity to add more context to an item, and can help bring your wish lists to life!

Automatic item detail fetch

You can use our new Fetch button to automatically retrieve the details of an item from a web page link. The Fetch button will attempt to find the image, title, description and price of an item.

This new feature is in it's early stages, so please continue to give us feedback so we can improve it further.

Bug fixes:

  • Small tweaks to the email designs and wording, and also removing a few typos and spelling mistakes here and there.
  • Improved the Christmas colour for better visibility and improved accessibility of the text on the page.

Released on 18th Nov 2018