Software updates

What's changed, improved and updated

Version: 3.10

Advanced event settings

New features:

Disable reservations

You can now disable reservations on a list by list basis. This is useful if you want to temporarily disable the ability for people to reserve items, or if you just want to show a list of items and don't actually want to receive them.

Disable chat

Chat can now be disabled for each list.

Customise when you can see an item is reserved

You can now choose whether you see reserved items on your list immediately, 14 days after someone reserves it, or after the due date. This gives more flexibility for different ways to use Giftwhale.

Bug fixes:

Verified accounts now have an updated verification badge on the profile page.

Released on 26th Apr 2021

Version: 3.8

Thank you letters & usability updates

New features:

Thank you letters

You can now send and receive thank you messages directly through Giftwhale.

There is now a dedicated area to view your received thank you letters

Usability updates

Many improvements to accessibility have been made to ensure everyone who wants to use Giftwhale now can. These include:

  • Updated menu
  • Improved zooming on the page for those with vision problems
  • Improved language on the page to explain the system in a simpler manner
  • Better notification explanations

Dashboard improvements with smarter knowledge of what you need to do next, and quick access to areas you are currently working in

Bug fixes:

The wish list page now correctly displays your previous wish lists

The dashboard now lists more options for next actions

Improvements to moving and copying of items

Improvements to speed on notifications, received gifts, reserved gifts, and dashboard page 

Released on 19th Oct 2020

Version: 3.7

Secret Santa gift exchanges and more

New features:

Gift exchanges

You can now create gift exchange groups, just in time for all your Secret Santa's this Christmas. For some of the features see below

  • You can provide information on the gift exchange such as a photo, name and description, and a budget. You'll find it all beautifully displayed on your unique gift exchange page.
  • Gift exchanges are private and only viewable by you and the people you invite.
  • Only the gift organiser needs to sign up for a Giftwhale account. You can invite anyone with an email address.
  • When you draw names, everyone will get an email notifying them that their drawn name is now available to view.
  • You can set multiple exclusions, so certain people don't draw other certain people, such as partners.

We hope you have fun with this feature, and please as always provide us with any feedback you like so we can make the system better and better as time goes on.

Bug fixes:

Some text in the email notifications has been updated to better highlight the important information.

When accessing Giftwhale through a guest account, you will have a better experience navigating around the available pages, with an updated menu.

Guest accounts can now sign up for a full account by just adding a password. Super simple!

Released on 26th Oct 2019

Version: 3.6.5

Guest reservation improvements

New features:

Editing and cancelling of guest reservations

Guests (users who reserve items with only their email, and don't sign up to a full account), can now request a secret link to view, edit and remove reservations they no longer want. This was a highly requested feature, so we're very happy to release it. No longer will you need to cancel support to solve this. View your guest reservations here.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the notifications page could temporarily error when a deleted user's notification wasn't read until after the user account was deleted.
  • Improved the copy to some notification emails to make them clearer to read and understand.

Released on 17th Aug 2019

Version: 3.6

User search

New features:

User search

Finding Giftwhale users has just got a whole load easier. You can now use the dedicated search page to find a user, or their wishlist (if you have their shared code). The best part is, friends and family members can do this without even having to sign up.

Bug fixes:

  • We've updated the footer of the site to provide more information and useful links.
  • Our about page has been updated with more up to date information.
  • The contact form once again works without having to be logged-in.

Released on 15th Mar 2019