Creating wish lists for your children

It's easy to create wish lists for children, and you can create and manage their wish lists right in your own account.

Published on 24th Nov 2017

We know you don't always want your children to sign up for services online, and this is why Giftwhale includes the ability to create wish lists for others. This is perfect for creating your baby shower too.

It's easy to create an event and wish list for a child, or anyone else you want to. To begin, you start by creating a wish list, and on the first question "Is this wish list for you?" you select "No, someone else". A new box will appear which will allow you to enter the name of the person you're creating the event for. From this point onwards everything is the same as a personal event.

There are a few subtle changes on events created by yourself for others, these include;

  • You can see live availability of all of the items, and see which ones have been reserved.
  • You'll be in the loop with the chat messages, and will receive, and can reply to anything your friends and family want to say.
  • You'll have the ability to reserve items yourself on the wish list.

And remember, this method doesn't just work great for children, you can create wish lists full of great gift ideas, for grand parents, children, babies, or anyone who can't access the website themselves.

So what are you waiting for, go create a wish list together!

The Giftwhale Team

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